Our own white bread

Rather than using salt in the dough, we add purified seawater, resulting in a lighter and healthier bread.


Carpaccio di Da Màr ® – the only meat to be matured in Mediterranean seawater in the world – seasoned with lime infused olive oil €18,00

Seasoned Heifer beef tartare, served with Raspadura cheese, walnuts and egg granola €15,00

Rubia Gallega beef tartare, served with Raspadura cheese, anchovy pearls and toasted almonds €18,00

Vicciola tartare served with raspadura cheese and toasted hazelnuts (Vicciola is a renowned high-quality Piedmontese calf fed only with hazelnuts) €20,00

Toasted nut bread with Bettella’s family “Maiale Tranquillo” pancetta €14,00

Tasting of premium selected Japanese Wagyu beef “Ginkakuji Onishi”, maximum grade of quality and marbling: A5/BMS 10/12, 100g portion €38,00

Chapati bread rolls filled with premium selected Japanese Wagyu beef “Ginkakuji Onishi” A5 and Comté cheese paired with a caramelized red cabbage sauce €17,00

Pure 100% Iberian knife-cut “Pata Negra de bellota” ham ‘Ibesa’ €18,00

Japanese “Ginkakuji Onishi” wagyu hoshigyu served with caramelized radish €18,00

Handmade puff pastry dumplings filled with Salva Cremasco cheese fondue with honey and nut crumble (By chef Roberto Magnani from La Kuccagna Restaurant – Dovera) €16,00

Pumpkin bruschetta with Cantabrian Sea anchovies and fresh cream butter €12,00


First Courses

Homemade dumplings au gratin filled with white heifer beef ragú and toasted almonds served on a light saffron sauce €14,00

Homemade green Tagliolini with a Pata Negra granola, burrata cream and raspadura cheese €14,00

Tuscan artisanal pasta “Stracci Toscani” with cured goose, confit cherry tomatoes, pumpkin and 36 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese €15,00


Charcoal Grilled Meat

The preparing and cooking of the meat can be viewed at the grilling area

Due to our compliance with aging and stocking standards, some meat cuts may not be available.

Dedicated to…

Our line dedicated to the butchers that have chosen these cuts exclusively for Asina Luna. Not firms but first and last names

Paolo Tucci

Japanese Wagyu “Ginkakuji Onishi” sirloin maximum grade of quality and marbling: A5/BMS 10/12, 200-250gr portion €360,00/ kg

Pino Puglisi

Piedmontese Vicciola sliced sirloin (Vicciola is a renowned high-quality Piedmontese calf fed only with hazelnuts)€45,00

Gonzalo Perez

Specially selected 60-days aged “Vaca Galiziana” T-bone/ Rib-eye (Spain) €95,00/ kg

Sergio Motta

He is the Italian meat aging master with his finest Piedmontese Ox €95,00/Kg

Loris Provini

European ethically raised T-bone/rib cut specially selected for Asina Luna (Europe) €75,00/ kg

Maurizio Gavazza

90 days aged “Giovenca Maturata ® T-bone/rib cut (varied races from Piedmont) €80,00/ kg

The Classics

Northern European grazing cow fillet steak paired with Pommery wholegraine moutarde de Moux €30,00

“Elcano” fillet (with Sichuan pepper and black sesame seed oil) €30,00

Heifer beef T-bone “Bianca del Danubio” aged for 80 days in veal kidney fat (Austria) €75,00/ kg

Piedmontese “Fassona” T-bone/ rib cut, Langhe selection €75,00/Kg

“Mertolenga” T-bone/ rib cut aged for 60 days (Portugal) €85,00/ kg

Nebraskan Black Angus T-bone (USA) €85,00/ kg

“Rubia Gallega” T-bone/ rib cut (Galizia – Spain) €85,00/ kg

“Oedslach” T-bone/ rib cut sel. Dierendonck (Belgium) €98,00/ kg



Cheese tasting: Bufala Blu “Muscat” – Pecorino Gran Gessato d’Ayas – Alpine bunker aged €15,00


Main Courses

Culatta-wrapped heifer fillet steak served with a Porto wine sauce and duchess potatoes €30,00

Courgette, sweet potato and 36-month parmesan puff pastry roll on “Roccaverano” Robiola cheese cream topped with a hazelnut granola €18,00


Side dishes

Jar cooked artichokes with fermented shallot €10,00

Blueberry and potato purée €8,00

Exclusive recipe “La Giardiniera di Morgan” for Asina Luna pickled vegetables in sea water €8,00

Braised Belgian endives and pak-choi €7,00

Unpeeled roast potatoes €7,00

Pan-fried greens with garlic, oil and raisins €7,00

Our fresh salad with oranges, avocadoes and pumpkin seeds €8,00



ERNST KNAM FOR ASINA LUNA (exclusive recipe realized only for Asina Luna)

Three chocolates mousse with an insert of exotic fruit and yuzu, upon a shortcrust disk €13,00



Montblanc €8,00

Millfeuil with custard and strawberries €8,00

Pistachio and white chocolate pudding with an almond crumble €8,00

Bavarian mango and mezcal cake on a biscuits crumble (gluten free) €8,00


Artisanal ice cream

Icecream artisanal trilogy: Crema delle Langhe, Cioccolato Tumaco (Colombia), Pistacchio di Bronte €8,00

Sorrento lemon sorbet with Lequien et Fils “Blanc de Blanc” champagne €10,00


Dishes marked with (*) are prepared with frozen or flash-frozen ingredients


Dear customer, if you have any allergies and/or intolerances please ask us for more information: we are eager to offer our experience and advice in selecting the best dishes for you. You will also find our allergens list at the till.

Allergens list:

: peanuts and derivatives

: nuts

: milk and derivatives

: shellfish

: fish

: sesame

: soya

: gluten

: lupins

: celery

: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

: Eggs and derivatives